Design Engineering, Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding Design EngineeringWJ Die Mold offers you a complete one stop shop for custom mold, tooling and product design services so you receive a completed part that is functional, reliable, manufacturable, economical and aesthetically pleasing.

We understand the benefits of detailed cost and ROI implications of a particular design and can provide you with the quantitative measures you need to make a well informed decision. Our vast experience with mold flow design will save you on production costs because we know where issues may arise in the design of molds. We can help with all aspects of mold design engineering including wall thickness, runners, corners, angles, ribs and much more.

Basic information required for a plastic injection molding design project:
Do you have a part drawing or sample?
How many parts to be molded over the life of the mold?
Must the product fit with other parts and what are the tolerances?
What is the molding characteristic of the specified plastic?
What is the shrinkage?
What are the draft angles?
What is the finish?
Do you need an engraving on the part?
Timing of the project?

Contact us today, we can help with your next project.
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